Urban Art

Since 2016, the Victor Manuel flea market has invited a group of renowned artists to create large-scale murals on the exterior and interior walls, consolidating an urban art circuit around our space. The aim of this initiative is to transform the Victor Manuel flea market into a cultural Urban Art referent both in Santiago and Latin America.

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Alejandro "Mono" Gonzalez
Mural inspired by nature / 2023

This mural, painted with acrylics by the renowned muralist Alejandro "Mono" González, is about 3 meters and 50 centimeters high and 5 meters wide and is located at the entrance of the Storehouse 6, specifically at the access on the corner of Victor Manuel Street and Placer Street.
According to the artist, "the artwork is dedicated to nature and the birds. It is a tribute to nature and a welcome to the visitors of the flea market".

Basco Vazko
Internet / 2017

Warehouse 1

The “Internet” Mural, better known as the “Sistine Chapel” of the Víctor Manuel flea market, was created by the artist Basco Vazko in 2017. It is located on the ceiling of the Storehouse 1 of the Víctor Manuel flea market, on a 700 m2 vaulted ceiling. The iconography of the mural is related to Basco Vazko's graphic imaginary inspired by collages and graffiti. It portrays the current reality of the Internet and the information overload that exists today in the virtual world. The mural portrays abstract figures and humanoid bodies mixed with representations of ancient bronze scales, furniture and objects that can be found in the flea market.

Borde Sur / 2018

Persian Sky

The Borde Sur mural is in a privileged spot in the southern sector of Santiago -where the city can be seen from this location - and refers to the importance of the south in the construction of new urban and cultural imaginaries. The dimensions of the mural are equivalent to a 12-story building; it is 500 square meters and is located on the roof of the Victor Manuel flea market. It is the largest work of Nelson Rivas, better known as "Cekis".

Paula Godoy
Local 54 / 2018

Sector 7

The “Local 54” mural is painted directly on the floor of La Curtiembre Gallery and extends itself along walls and pillars to provoke the sensation of three-dimensionality. It stands out for the contrast of black and white colors applied to shapes of right angles and sinuous shapes. The work extends over 600 square meters in Sector 7 of the Victor Manuel flea market. Its author is the artist Paula Godoy Ossa, the first female muralist to paint an artwork of such dimension on the floor in our country. The mural was inaugurated in June 2018.

Simón DeMadera
Composition 11 / 2019

Second level

Composición 11 is an original piece of art characterized by its abstract language and the optical illusion it generates. It portrays the figure of "rocks" in black and white using the technique of anamorphism, which allows our brain to recognize a previously deformed image or object when we place ourselves at the right point of view. The work was made in the pools of the former Tannery, which are located on the second level of the Victor Manuel flea market. Its author is the urban artist Simón DeMadera, and it was inaugurated in March 2019.

Pablo Benzo " Profundo significado en un prado de objetos " / 2020

Warehouse 5

Pablo Benzo's Mural is located in Storehouse 5 inside the Victor Manuel flea market and its name is " Profundo significado en un prado de objetos ". Benzo says that he was mainly inspired by the imaginary of the flea market and tells us the following: "It is a kind of portrait of the space. I represented -with the help of different objects that inhabit it- characteristics that are related with the spirit of this place. Collecting, decoration and history are ideas associated with the flea market and for me they are the axes on which the mural is based".

Mural in Sector 7 - Next to "Local 54".

Artwork created by the artist Paula Godoy Ossa. This 12 x 8 square meters mural, in which epoxy paint was used on concrete. It is located next to the mural "Local 54" in La Curtiembre Gallery. Its figures maintain a similar style and uses black and white tones.

Exterior murals

Dasic Fernández

Victor Manuel flea market Facade

The Victor Manuel flea market facade was painted by the internationally recognized artist Dasic Fernandez. Dasic has painted in important capitals of Latin America, and also in cities such as New York, Miami, Detroit, among others. It is worth mentioning that he also painted the Paseo Banderas in Santiago together with the architect Juan Carlos López.

Mural 1
Alejandro González, Agotok, Oficio Erico, Xilo Bastian

Victor Manuel Street

The façade of the Víctor Manuel flea market was painted by various artists who were convened by the renowned Chilean muralist Alejandro González, better known as “Mono” González. The artists who participated in the painting of the mural were Agotok (duo of urban artists), Oficio Erico and Xilo Bastian. The intervention, which is more than 150mts long, not only represents the value of this building as “Ex Tannery" of Santiago, but also the diversity of people who visit the Victor Manuel flea market, as well as the characteristic trade that takes place in the flea market. To design the mural, a research process was carried out and several images were chosen. Subsequently, the artists designed the mural by depicting typically found elements in the flea market, such as paintings, objects, typical places, people, among others.

Mural 2
Mono González, Inti, Saile, Sick 888, Juana Pérez, and the duo Aner y Tikay / 2017

Placer street

Mural 2 was created in 2017. It is the result of the collaborative work of muralists and urban artists (graffiti), including the prominent Chilean artist Inti who actively participated in this mural. The collaboration for this mural, which is more than 50 meter, was developed in the context of the shooting of the first urban art documentary “Chile Style” directed by Pablo Aravena. The artists who painted the mural were: Mono González, Inti, Saile, Sick 888, Juana Pérez, and the duo Aner and Tikay.

Mural 3
Daniel Marceli / 2017

San Isidro

Daniel Marceli painted the mural in 2017. It is on the Victor Manuel flea market facade on the San Isidro Street. It represents the shapes and colors of southern Chile inspired by the culture of Chiloé Island where the artist comes from. The idea of the mural proposes the integration of cultures through a striking chromatic palette associated with the sea and architectural elements characteristic of southern Chile. Daniel Marceli is an artist from Valparaíso. This is his most important work in Santiago.

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