The Victor Manuel flea market has 24,000 square meters of spaces with great architectural and industrial richness. If you are interested in reviewing our available spaces for locations and / or events click here. aquí.

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La Curtiembre gallery,

La Curtiembre is a space that is located inside the Victor Manuel flea market on the mural called "Local 54", which was made by the artist Paula Godoy Ossa. The mural is about 600 square meters, and it is on the floor. It is worth noting that this space is not only used by the gallery, but it is also used for entrepreneurial fairs, artistic activities, brand events, among others. This place represents a break from the traditional places. It is an atypical place in the middle of a historic building.

Inner Square

The inner square is a recreational place located in the heart of the Victor Manuel flea market, where recreational activities are carried out. It is an open space for relaxation, music, art and cultural activities. It is also used for events.

Warehouse 5

The warehouse 5 is located inside the Victor Manuel flea market. It is approximately 600 square meters. It is mainly used for trade fairs, bazaars, workshops, cultural and corporate events, among others. It is worth mentioning that it has an attractive mural by the renowned artist Pablo Benzo. A large and attractive space for holding events.

Mural “Composición 11”

On the second level of the Victor Manuel flea market is the mural "Composition 11". It was made by the artist Simon DeMadera, and it is located above the pools of the former Tannery where the leathers were formerly treated. This place is ideal for filming or photography.

Sky Persa - "Borde Sur" Mural

El Mural “Borde Sur” se encuentra en la azotea del
The "Borde Sur" Mural is located on the rooftop of the Victor Manuel flea market (popularly called "Sky Persa"). It is 500 square meters and the artwork on the ground was made by Nelson Rivas, better known as "Cekis". "Borde Sur" refers to the importance of the South in the construction of new urban and cultural imaginaries. This is undoubtedly a different, atypical space that offers has a privileged view of the southern sector of Santiago.

Second Floor - Storehouse 6

Unoccupied space of approximately 625 square meters, whose construction and image are characteristic of the Victor Manuel flea market style. Ideal for filming and photographic shots.

Warehouse 2

The storehouse 2 is a space in the Victor Manuel flea market where on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays the storekeepers sell different products, such as antiques, clothes, kick-knacks, books, among others. In the central area of this space, the Feria Impresionante 2021 was held on a long table where various exhibitors displayed their products, as well as textile fairs that have also been held here. This space is ideal for fairs and exhibitions.

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